Marchelle Bradanini-Oscar Wilde

It’s been a few years since I’ve talked about Marchelle Bradanini here. Her album Blue Gold, under the moniker Pony Boy, came out way back in 2015. I first heard of her a while before that (and actually wrote about her for the first time eight years ago yesterday!). As Pony Boy she displayed a dark, back-alley brawl kind of Americana that hung around in my head like iconic Scorsese shots.

Now she’s back in 2020 releasing music under her given name and making sure people don’t forget it. Earlier she put out the track “Red White and Blues” and this week she delivered “Oscar Wilde.” The video perfectly captures the sentiment of the song, so please watch below:

I love the takedown of douchy bar guys mansplaining the merits of 19th century author/philosophers as if anyone in the world would give a damn about their opinions. My hope is that some idiot sees this video, listens to the words, and thinks “OH MY GOD!!! Is that what I sound like??” But I’m guessing they’re too oblivious to pick up on this.

“Oscar Wilde” came with the announcement of Bradanini’s new album, Only A Woman. That will be out in July. I’m very excited to hear the rest of the new songs and being in quarantine will make that feel like five years from now, but I take solace knowing it’s coming.

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