Fort Frances-These Lights Will Shine Again

It remains a scary time for most humans around the globe. I have personally found it very hard to relate to new music coming out right now that was recorded well before any of this current craziness started. So, I was happy to receive a new song from my friends in Fort Frances that puts a positive spin on these months of isolation.

The track premiered yesterday over on the Bluegrass Situation, and I wanted to do a little more than just shoot off a retweet because I think that kind of this is a bit too easy to fall through the cracks. As a long-time supporter of the band, I feel like they deserve a bit more attention. In particular a song like this, that has brought me some comfort in the days since I first heard it. I hope it brings the same kind of solace.

David let me know that any revenue made from streaming of this song will be donated to Chicago Independent Venue League. If you’d like to chip in, you can donate here.

We have a long way to go, but I think David is right when he sings “Call up all of your friends. Draw a map of the world with everywhere you wanna go. Make promises for when all of this is a game of ‘remember when’.” We’re gonna get through this and we’ll be stronger for it. But it’s nice to have a song like this for when the days are dark and it feels never-ending.

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