Pete Droge-Skeleton Crew featuring Elaine Summers

Normally I wouldn’t bother posting on a holiday, but let’s be honest; my posting schedule has been anything but normal the last few months. Basically, if I hear something I like, I’ll let you know. Otherwise I’m just listening to the same five or six things I always turn to when things feel out of whack. One of those things that I threw on a few nights ago was an old record by Pete Droge. As it ended, I heard a track I was unfamiliar with, but I knew it was him singing. Come to find out, ol’ Pete put out a new song just as the quarantine was taking effect.

He partners here with his longtime collaborator Elaine Summers (they can be seen briefly singing together in the 2000 movie Almost Famous). The song comes as part of a larger idea that Pete had to raise money for non-profits. That project has been put on hold for now, but all proceeds from this single will be donated to Vashon Youth & Family Services, providing counseling and other services to people living on Vashon, WA where Pete and Elaine reside. You can download it here.

The song was written way back in 2017, but it’s hard not to think the lyrics are talking about the state of the world right now. And I know for sure I was moved when they hit this line: “We know this ain’t what’s gonna make us, or break us. It’s just something that we’re gonna get through. Nobody else coming to the rescue. Something that we’re gonna get through together.”

Droge has been flying under the radar of most for far too long. His songwriting is spectacular and his understanding of melody is second to none. His releases have been sporadic over the last decade, with his last full album being the soundtrack for the film A Lot Like Love. He put out an EP with Summers in 2016 and a single in 2017, but that’s it for the 2010’s. Hopefully he’s staying safe and getting healthy now, and comes out of this quarantine stronger than ever.

I first saw him waaaaaaay back in 1994 opening for Tom Petty. It was my first real concert and I will forever have a place in my heart for Pete. If you’ve never heard him before, all his stuff is on Spotify. Necktie Second and Find A Door are both fantastic from top to bottom, so start with one of those.