Phillip Michael Scales-Find A Way

In his singles following the Sinner-Songwriter EP he put out two years ago, I think Phillip Michael Scales has discovered the style that suits him best. It’s a few steps away from the folk-pop he started out singing. And it’s even a little ways from some of the slower soul you’ll find on that EP. It’s a funky, bluesy vibe that drips with confidence and a rock n roll attitude. After proving over and over again that he can sing, he can play, he can write: now he’s putting it all together. He even embraces his pedigree a bit with a nod to BB in the lyrics on “Find A Way.”

The song owes a small debt to Michael Kiwanuka’s “Cold Little Heart,” the influence of which you can hear in the opening and closing of “Find A Way.” The string textures add a beautiful layer to the guitar playing, especially toward the end of the tune.

This song ticks all the boxes in my book, and might be my new favorite by Scales.

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