H.C. McEntire-Final Bow

It’s been a couple of years since H.C. McEntire‘s debut album, Lionheart, landed in record stores. She’s back with a new LP called Eno Axis next month. “Final Bow” is the second single from the future Merge release (pre-order here), and the anticipation for it is starting to make my bones rattle. I was a big fan of her first, and all indications point toward another winning collection of songs here.

McEntire speaks in a musical language that is beautiful without being overly complex. Regardless of your own musical preferences, you’ll understand her songs in your core. The guitar work on “Final Bow” is particularly stunning from beginning to end, but never overshadows the other aspects of the tune.

I’ve been impressed by the ability of artists during the quarantine to make music videos that feel like they match up to their sonic counterparts. Since we are all avoiding people, they are using things around their homes or isolated areas where they won’t come into contact with any groups of people. The underwater feel of this clip offers perfect harmony between sight and sound.

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