Brick Briscoe-Cody Jarrett

Reading up just a little on Brick Briscoe brought me to a surprising revelation: This guy is basically me if I ever had the slightest hint of ambition. He’s a small-town renaissance man with his hands in a lot of pies: a radio and television personality hosting a show where he travels and discovers new music (hello dream job!) among other things. A somewhat-schooled filmmaker and musician, he easily marries the two mediums with his latest video for the single “Cody Jarrett.”

The song is a little hypnotic, drawing on psychedelic sounds and multiple layers. The layers are mirrored in the video, produced by Briscoe, featuring images stacked on top of one another. He seems to be inspired by fellow avant-garde-leaning artists like The Talking Heads and Butthole Surfers.

“Cody Jarrett” is the fifth single from Briscoe’s latest album, My Favorite Los Angeles Restaurant. It also kicks off the album, so you can consider this an introduction to the sonic adventure upon which you’re about to embark. For all you film lovers out there, you’ll recognize the reference to the classic James Cagney movie White Heat, from which Briscoe lifts the line “Hey ma, top of the world,” which echoes around as great lines often do in my head.

If you’re looking for something with a great hook that you can dance to, Brick Briscoe probably isn’t your guy. However, if you want something with some substance; something that you can spend some time and engage with on different levels, then look no further. You’ll hear something new on multiple listens and appreciate Briscoe’s ability to create thoughtful music that is easy to enjoy.

After you’ve heard “Cody Jarrett” and decided you like it, head over to Briscoe’s Bandcamp page and get the full album, which came out July 24.