Jon Daly-Cheer Me Up

Last month I did a rewatch of all three season of The Kroll Show. During that time, I came to really appreciate the comedy stylings of Jon Daly. He’s a great complement to Kroll’s energy, and his characters are all really funny. In particular I love his Pittsburgh pawn shop owner whose accent I can not figure out at all (does anyone from Pittsburgh talk like that? I’ve only ever met one person from that area and they did NOT sound like Daly’s character).

I first came across Daly in a season one episode of Happy Endings where he plays massive douchebag Brody. That appearance cracked me up, but it’s the season three episode “P&P Romance Factory” that convinced me he’s a comic genius. Check out how he plays this fist-bump confrontation with Adam Pally’s character Max (fast forward to 17:11 in the video).

So all of that info explains my excitement this morning when I got an email about Jon Daly putting out albums this year and next. I didn’t know he was a musician or really anything else about him other than what I saw of him on various TV shows. And I definitely didn’t know that he did a shot-for-shot remake of The Rolling Stones video for “Start Me Up” called “Cheer Me Up.”

It originally came out at the end of March, but I hadn’t seen it until today. Saying it is amazing really undersells the quality here. The guy playing a Guitar Hero instrument, keeping the footage of Charlie Watts, that skeleton…all overshadowed by the look on Daly’s face any time he sings “Mean, Mean, Machine.” I’ve watched it ten times already and I laugh every time.