Jean-Baptiste “Rain”

I received a very short and polite email ten days ago from a rapper who goes by the name Jean-Baptiste. He stated that he considers “Rain” to be a fight song, and I couldn’t agree more. I’m keeping this post brief, but don’t think for a second I don’t love this track.

After a super 70’s vibe to kick off “Rain,” Jean-Baptiste spits bars that are VERY 2020. In under two minutes he manages to work in lyrics about hundreds of years of racism, police brutality, class warfare, and the struggle we all face to speak up or accept the status quo. It’s a smart, slick delivery of ideas that will keep you thinking well after the music ends.

I know pretty much nothing about Jean-Baptiste. His soundcloud profile links him to St Petersburg, Florida. He’s got a good understanding of what works musically, and delivers with a good flow. I guess that’s all you really need.

Check him out and let him know you’re digging it.