Old Gloria-Tennis Ball

I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many times over the last six months I’ve wished I had a dog. Spending weeks on end in solitude just doesn’t seem as bad with a four-legged companion. Sure, I have a cat, but she’s seventeen and even as a youngster wasn’t much for playtime and certainly didn’t go for long walks. And cuddling? Forget it. She’d just as well eat your face than curl up next to you for any length of time. No, a dog would be so nice…

So it came as a nice surprise to find Old Gloria‘s new video for their song “Tennis Ball.” It features the joys and sometimes annoyances of having a dog, and also the potential to make your own fun with items you find around the house. There is also an animated portion that I think really raises the quality of the clip, which is mostly shot on phones.

In the Youtube description, Steve Delisi calls it “A healthy escape from isolation.” I don’t think there is anything more vital right now than getting outdoors and enjoying your surroundings. Especially if it means you’re walking to your local polling station to cast a vote in this election. You might have to leave your dog at home, though.

Old Gloria will be playing a release show tonight, October 15th, at Montrose Saloon to celebrate their debut EP. 4 Songs will be out digitally tomorrow.