Miss Grit-Impostor

Throughout history there has been one rule when it comes to getting away with things you shouldn’t be doing: do it with confidence. Like many impostor’s before it, Miss Grit’s “Impostor” is full with conviction and swagger. The title track to Margaret Sohn’s new EP, the song captures the feeling of underserved success and the emptiness that accompanies it. If the track tells us anything, it’s that her music is certainly deserving.

Brash guitars and shimmering synths guide us through most of the song, but it’s the quiet reflection Sohn gives us in the songs final minute that convinced me that this song is worthy of repetitive listening. There are pieces that sound familiar, of course, but Miss Grit has a voice all it’s own, and I personally can’t wait to see how it’s used on the rest of the Impostor EP and whatever she dreams up in the future.