Jennifer Hall-SFA

This song came out a couple weeks ago, so I apologize for my late post. Normally I wouldn’t care when I got to something, but this one is really good so I feel bad depriving you of the knowledge that it exists. I got caught up listening to some other things, and then it was Sade’s birthday and obviously I spent a couple days with that. Fortunately, “SFA” kicks off with a bass line reminiscent of what we all know as the “Sade vibe.”

It’s a different kind of song for Jennifer Hall, who has an undeniably powerful voice. She chooses not to showcase it here, rather focusing on the songwriting and letting the groove carry us through. Always a strong storyteller, here she lyrically she takes us on a journey that feels like a dream; poetry set to music. It’s nostalgic and new, like a steampunk pop song built from familiar parts to become something better.

With its underlying themes of empathy and unity, I felt like this song would be the perfect choice to kick off the Biden-era. Let’s hope that those themes reach those that need to hear them most.