Rosie Cima & What She Dreamed-Stuck

DC-based singer/songwriter Rosie Cima has a new album due out in March. A couple weeks ago the first single was released. I heard it once, walked away and went on with my day. A few days later, unable to decide what to listen to, I put it on again. And again. And again. Now it’s been a couple weeks and I still keep returning to it. The song is called “Stuck,” and as the title suggests, this one is gonna sit with you for a while.

The song deals with clinging to a relationship despite the knowledge that it isn’t working. Stuck in a vicious cycle of thinking about a person even though they aren’t for you. There’s a great line toward the end where she sings “The sky is blue but not inside, I got a heart could teach the wind to cry.”

The music starts as very standard folk strumming. The band starts to build up in a hurry, and by the time Rosie growls “going anywhere” you find yourself banging your head to the beat and opening your arms wide to welcome Rosie Cima & What She Dreamed into your sonic catalog. They get loud, and aggressive, and by the end you just want to jump and shout. It’s a perfect tune for live shows, assuming we ever have live music again.

Realm Of The Warring Gods will be out March 12, but you can pre-order it now or purchase this song on their bandcamp page. The album is being released by This Could Go Boom!, co-founded by our old friend Erin Frisby (once a part of the band Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray and now lead singer of The OSYX). The label is non-profit, with money going toward uplifting female and trans artists, helping nontraditional artists put albums together, and continue to offer workshops and community-outreach programming. You can help them out by buying the music, or donating directly to their cause here.

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