Baby Queen-Want Me

I got sent this video a couple days ago when it was still under a thousand views. I am shocked that it hasn’t picked up more traction already. Baby Queen (Bella Latham), is beginning to gather quite a fan base on the internet after dropping a slew of videos over the past year. Her music turns a disdainful eye toward the world of instagram influencers and the artifice of corporate marketers pretending to be your friend (although I still think whoever runs the Wendy’s Twitter would be my best friend if we ever met).

That isn’t what “Want Me” is about, however. At least I don’t think that’s what it’s about. I should note at this point that prior to listening to Baby Queen for the first time earlier this week, I was listening to a lot of Avril (and Michelle Branch, Vanessa Carlton…you know the kind of music I mean). So I was primed for this catchy little number to shimmy its way into my eardrums.

The official video for “Want Me” came out a few months ago, but I saw this Vevo DSCVR live version first, and I found it to be a lot of fun. I love the colors of her outfit and the lights that adorn the studio where they shoot these clips. I couldn’t decide if I liked the song or not for a while. It took maybe 15 listens and a couple days of thinking about it before I finally decided, about 20 minutes ago, that I really did think it was good.

The performance captured here really sells the song as something I could not only see myself dancing to in a room full of sweaty people, but also find myself quietly humming it to myself late at night while I’m waiting to drift off to sleep. It bridges the gap between bouncy pop gem and intimate confessional as well as anything else out there. If you’re in the mood for something reminiscent of the early 2000’s new wave alt-pop bangers, look no further.