Dan McLane-The Birth Of Mister Dirty

I wasn’t lucky enough to meet Dan McLane before he tragically passed five years ago. I remember my timeline being flooded with messages about him being a really great friend and all-around good person. Through these messages, and all the ones that have followed over the years, I do feel like I got to know him a little bit. Or at least the idea of him. With The Birth Of Mister Dirty, those that knew him well will have a document of his talents. For those of us that didn’t, this is our opportunity to discover an artist gone too soon.

Some may remember that a while back The AV Club named Dan’s band, The Harmonica Lewinskies, as one of the worst-named bands of the year (2013). That was the only real national coverage for a band that deserved so much more. Go back and listen to “Boner For The Benny’s” and try to pretend you’re not loving it. Dan recorded The Birth Of Mister Dirty with producer/engineer Oliver Ignatius before his passing for what would have been an ambitious debut for an up-and-coming artist demanding some respect.

The album collects songs from various genres, allowing McLane to show off his versatility. On one song he’s singing 60’s soul and the next he’s doing alt-folk and power pop all at once. The Birth Of Mister Dirty feels built on the idea that if you give 100% of yourself, the listener will follow you. And after listening to the whole thing, that idea is absolutely true.

Find out for yourself by clicking here. You can purchase the record for whatever price you might like. I’m not writing any more about it because I think it’s far more interesting if you read what Oliver wrote about making the record. You can find it all at that link I just provided. Kudos to him for seeing this project through and delivering a powerful testament to a beloved man and musician.