Tangerine-The Coldest Winter

I’ve been a fan of Tangerine since I heard their single “Nothing Better” in 2014. They haven’t been as prolific as some over the last seven years, but they’re about to release their debut full-length, and I am very excited to hear what they have in store for us.

We got our first notion of what the album might sound like last week, when the group released the first video off the record for the song “The Coldest Winter.” The video is directed by Miro Justad and of course stars her sister Marika Justad and Toby Kuhn, the duo that make up the band Tangerine. It is a beautifully shot piece, set in the southwest and showing parallel stories set 50 years apart. Harsh times come for us all, and this clip marries the chilling feeling of heartbreak and isolation with the barren lands of a farm in the freezing cold of winter.

The music is a soft and welcoming delight at first. Marika’s voice is wonderful and stands out above everything else for a couple minutes. If you listen, you can hear the subtle building underneath and then it starts to come out in earnest following the bridge at the two minute mark. It’s beautifully structured so that by the three-minute mark you’re completely surrounded by sounds that you hadn’t been hearing before. It works incredibly well and unexpectedly fills you up with emotions you’ll be feeling well after the song ends.

I didn’t see a date for when the album is going to be out, but in the meantime you can check out their other releases on their bandcamp page. I’m excited to hear the rest and find out what direction they’re taking us with this one.