Lou Heneise-Trial & Error

Music serves us in many ways. It can be the thing that pumps you up before a big meeting, it can serve as an intimate sing-a-long for a group of friends, hell it can even make you travel through time to a specific moment in your life. It does these things, and so much more, and the supply is seemingly endless. New songs are constantly being written and released, to provide each and every one of us with something special.

Sometimes that special thing is simply comfort. On that front, Lou Heneise’s Trial & Error fully delivers. It’s the kind of record you can snuggle up with on a cold grey day and just let it wash over you. The four songs collected here feel like lullabies, if you like being softly serenaded by a full band, that is. Heneise’s voice is very soothing and remains restrained throughout, despite the distinct feeling that if she wanted to rock out a bit more she absolutely could.

The guitar on “Bad Day,” the opening track, is exquisite. It’s soft and pretty while still exhibiting a great strength and proficiency that could make it feel out of place in another’s hands. Eric Block, who also serves as producer and engineer on this EP, plays it perfectly and it acts as a great compliment to Heneise’s lyrics.

Trial & Error is a well-made debut that showcases strong writing and a wise ear for melody. There are some great lines in these songs, which you can find on Lou’s Bandcamp page. It’s a tight four tracks, with none too short or too long, clocking in just over the edge of 17 minutes. I’ve already listened to it three times today, and I’ll probably listen to it again later.