Soda Sun-“Blood”

A happy belated birthday to Soda Sun’s John Goraj. The band have had a busy schedule ahead of the release of their debut album Stay Here (two singles are out in the world already, and today I’m sharing the third music video a couple days before it’s available to hear on their bandcamp page) so hopefully he got a couple days to relax and reflect on the passing of another year.

The video for “Blood” is a meditation on evolution and the effect humanity has had on the world. While we see animated clips of dinosaurs and computers, we also see the band evolve. First, they appear in a sun-drenched rehearsal room, with the walls so washed out by the light it looks like a shot from Jay Z’s “Big Pimpin'” video. By the end, Soda Sun is on a stage performing the song. The story reveals itself in such a short time that it’s worth watching the video a few times to catch all the little things that are happening.

Musically, Soda Sun has an interesting but not unfamiliar sound. Goraj has a history as a folksinger, and that comes out a lot in the first two singles. With “Blood” you can hear influences of surf rock, emo, and shoegaze. The song feels a bit like an experiment, with two very different halves put together. The first half is a little more laid back, while the second half amps it up with Goraj letting loose on the vocals and an explosion of guitar. The dynamic shows the bands ability to do different styles of music, and they execute both extremely well.

Stay Here is available to pre-order from Fort Lowell Records. The digital version will be released on July 2nd, with a vinyl release October 1st.

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