Video Premiere: Adem Dalipi’s “Empty Promises”

Back in April of this year I posted a song called “Through Another’s Eyes” by Adem Dalipi. A blues-influenced pop number that I listened to a bunch of times and really enjoyed. Today, I’m bringing you the premiere of his latest video for his most recent release, “Empty Promises.” This will officially be out on Tuesday, September 21st, so enjoy this early look.

Director Yash Musabji has put together a wonderful, polished video for this song. Dalipi sings about the loneliness he feels after a breakup as the camera shows him roaming the streets of Chicago in his Mustang. It also features some live performance shots of Dalipi and his band playing on a rooftop and inside an abandoned warehouse of some kind. It’s a nice juxtaposition of the isolation heartbreak brings, and the togetherness of a musical group.

Musically, “Empty Promises” leans more into straight up pop than his previous song posted to this site. It features some great guitar work (looks like he stole the tapping move from the late Eddie Van Halen on the solo), which is one of Dalipi’s many talents as a performer. You can definitely feel the influence of John Mayer, and to a lesser extent perhaps, Maroon 5 (especially in the chorus).

Adem has a lot of skill as a musician and songwriter. His songs are relatable and the music is very welcoming to the ears. It’s very easy to listen over and over again, making them perfect for radio play or just to keep on repeat on your own playlist.

Stay up to date with Adem here for news about live dates and future releases.