Okapi-Mirror Of Majesties

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this anywhere in my reviews, but I love the cello. There is so much a skilled cellist can do with the sounds that emanate from the instrument, it’s really a tool of exploration and adventure. I was very excited to check out this track from Okapi, the first single off their upcoming album, Carousel (Part II), which comes out November 5th.

Scott Gorski plays standup bass and sings on this track, while Lindsey Miller plays the cello. It’s a big step away from the traditional formation of a band, but they’re able to create as much atmosphere and tension as you can take with their stripped-down performance. “Mirror Of Majesties” tells a tale of humans becoming enslaved to technology, unfeeling zombies content to be led to slaughter rather than show any sign of individuality.

Scott gets a few good lines in here, but my favorite is this: “Advice from their device guides to entice/Passions that are discarded when new updates arise”

The video for “Mirror Of Majesties” is visually striking, with influence from the Quay brothers and a little German expressionism. It’s very interesting to watch, and compliments the nihilistic vision the song conveys.

Okapi’s next single will be out on Friday, and you’ll be able to find it here.