Guy King-Devil’s Toy (featuring Joe Bonamassa)

Every once in a while I fall deep into a blues rabbit hole and I will gladly stay there for a few days, listening to the greats and then I’ll stop cold and not listen again for a long time. Earlier this year I was sent on one of these blues benders by the release of How Blue Can You Get, a set of unreleased covers and originals by Gary Moore. I’m preparing myself for a second deep dive after hearing “Devil’s Toy” by Guy King.

King is Israeli-born but makes his home here in Chicago. I’m always happy to hear of blues musicians I don’t really know, even if they’re well-established and have been talked about as the best jazz and blues guitarist in the city (well, maybe the best after Buddy). So much of the myth of the blues is built on the names of the past, so it’s good to find the music is still alive and kicking with fresh blood.

“Devil’s Toy” does carry an impressive pedigree if you aren’t so inclined to try something new. It features a guest appearance from Joe Bonamassa and was co-written by David Ritz, who has writing credit on Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing.” With that kind of foundation, there’s no way the song could miss.

The song comes from King’s new album Joy Is Coming, which is out now. Once you’ve streamed it and decided you want to buy it, you can do so here. If you’re in the Chicago area, he will be playing two shows at Andy’s Jazz Club November 5th and 6th to promote the album. Tickets can be found here.