The Top Songs Of 2021

Is it just me or did 2021 pass by even faster than usual? Maybe it’s all the existential dread constantly swirling around that changed my perception of time over the last 350+ days. Or maybe I’ve just been busy, I don’t know. Anyway, in years past I’ve had a longer commute to work and I was able to listen to a lot of music just going to and from. No longer the case, as I’m a short walk to my employer. So my usual work-week listening consists of me checking out the same five or six songs (seven if I stop and get a coffee), and to be honest 90% of the time at least three of those songs are R.E.M. or Wilco. So I would say my new music intake was slightly down this year.

That being said, I heard a lot of great music and I’m happy to report that of the 50 songs on this list more than half are artists that have never appeared in any of my previous ten year-end lists. Got a decent amount of new stuff for my ears this year, and I hope you did too. If not, check out the list and perhaps you’ll find something you love. Apologies if you’re a rap/hip-hop fan; you somehow got shut out this year. Here’s to better luck in 2022!!!

As always, the playlist is designed to be played from #50 to #1 so start here at the top with “Back On Top” by Buffalo Nichols and just kick back for three hours and five minutes.

50. Back on Top by Buffalo Nichols

49. Yada Yada by Oddkin

48. Fire by Black Honey

47. Say It! by The Vahnevants

46. The Most Beautiful Earth That I’ve Ever Seen by Okay (K), featuring Honey Gentry

45. Flirted With You All My Life by Bright Eyes

44. In My Dreams by Gary Moore

43. Don’t Lose Sight by Lawrence

42. You’re Invited by Jeffrey Lewis

41. This Sound by Greentea Peng

40. The Muhammad Ali Museum by Ike Reilly

39. Fantasy by Nana Yamato

38. Maybe Chocolate Chips by CHAI, featuring Ric Wilson

37. Grabbin’ A Slice by The Great American Novel

36. Bassicaly-Acoustic by Tei Shi

35. Jackie by Yves Tumor

34. You Can Get It by Arkells, featuring K Flay

33. The Rusty Bull by John Grant

32. Haven’t Heard You Laugh In A Long Time by Matthew Milia

31. Medicated by Du Blonde, featuring Shirley Manson

30. RHODODENDRON by Hurray For The Riff Raff

29. O, Hallelujah by Philip-Michael Scales

28. Figure It Out by Blu DeTiger

27. Rainforest by Noname

26. Hardline by Julien Baker

25. Do U Still Love Me? by Kitten

24. Sad All Over by Dan McLane

23. Four Letter Words by K Flay

22. Marty McFly by Normal Zac

21. Bootlickers Of The Patriarchy by Shilpa Ray

20. Year Of The Spider by Shannon & The Clams

19. Always Together With You by Spiritualized

18. drivers license by Olivia Rodrigo

17. Silverfish by The Felice Brothers

16. Four Track Love Song by Rickolus

15. Kill Me by Indigo de Souza

14. Galacticana-Acoustic by Strand Of Oaks

13. (We Like To)Do It With The Lights On by Islands

12. Teenage Eyes by St. Lenox

11. My Bad Mood by Esther Rose

10. Sorry’s Not Enough by Tasha

9. More Big Birds by Dry Cleaning

8. My Baby Wants A Baby by St. Vincent

7. Working For The Knife by Mitski

6. Bubblegum by Moon Kissed

5. Leave The Door Open by Silk Sonic

4. Kokomo, IN by Japanese Breakfast

3. Cranium by Slothrust

2. Thumbs by Lucy Dacus

  1. Panic Attack by Langhorne Slim