Agnes Rangel-Blindsided

I’ve covered a lot of music over the past eleven years, but there’s still something special about hearing a brand new artist’s very first song. That’s why I’m so pleased to share this video for Agnes Rangel‘s debut, “Blindsided.”

The song tells a universal tale of unrequited love, and how that feeling can destroy a friendship. The video, directed by Ahmad El Kholy and PinkStue, delivers a stark visual that captures the isolation one feels at the end of any relationship. Rangel does a good job of finding the words to describe the emotions involved without sacrificing the melody.

Her slow, breathy delivery is reminiscent of a couple songs from Fiona Apple’s debut album. The two singers also share an affinity for making pop with a hint of jazz and slow burns that leave you hanging on until the last note.

Agnes Rangel is currently working on songs for her debut EP, Sexual Dependency, which is expected to come out later this year. Hopefully that means the wait for the second single isn’t too long.

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