Freddy Madson-Hanging In The Air

I love hearing new music. In fact, I love it so much that I do it as often as I can. The problem with listening to a lot of different music is that I often end up doing as much distracted listening as active listening. I miss a lot and have to be shaken back to focus. Sometimes it’s a conscious decision, and other times the music does it for me.

That was the case with Freddy Madson’s new single, “Hanging In The Air.” I was half-listening and also eating a particularly delicious Chobani yogurt (looking for sponsorship if anyone knows someone at Chobani) when Madson takes his voice to the next level and forced me to rewind the track and give it a few more listens.

The opening to the song is unassuming and soft, easing you in to the mellow vibe. Madson calmly comforts your ears for about a minute before he hits the chorus and the song takes off like a rocket ship to Mars. The tempo stays the same for verse two, but elements like horns and backup vocals are added to create a more interesting sound.

The final minute of the song is in stark contrast to the beginning. It really goes through a huge evolution, with big noticeable changes that happen quick and completely alter the music. It’s very smart what Madson has done here, along with co-writer Neils Christian Sommer, to create something that so succinctly captures the growth we aspire to as humans.

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