Nils Bloch-Iolanda

Art, in whatever for you are experiencing it, has the ability to pull you out of your own head and feel things from another perspective. Through others experiences art can help you make sense of your own trials and tribulations. It can also take you on an adventure you would never otherwise go, and that is what Nils Bloch’s “Iolanda” does for me.

From the simple, hypnotizing rhythm of the drums that introduce the track, to the celestial organs that burrow into your ears and settle in your bones, the foundation of the song is hauntingly beautiful. Add to that Bloch’s vocal, reminiscent of early Anohni, with a profound strength powerful enough to also bare vulnerability. It’s quite lovely and you can hear it for yourself below.

This is Bloch’s second single from a forthcoming EP out later this year. You can hear his first single, “The Marsh,” on any major streaming platform. Here’s the link to it on Spotify.