Mads Koch-Sirens

Life is a tricky thing. It’s not enough we have to contend with all the external obstacles that make up the world around us, we also have internal obstructions that are invisible to others but loom large in our daily lives. When the two meet, and some external event causes a kind of truama, it adds to the mess we already have inside. A trauma event can change who you are, create triggers, and seal parts of you off from the world around you. The new single from Mads Koch, “Sirens,” deals, in part, with acknowledging that trauma and trying to continue living.

That all sounds pretty dark, but the song is actually quite hopeful in its way. The music starts with the most mournful instrument, the cello (ok, maybe second to the bagpipes). This sets a grey, foggy tone for the listener. Over time, as we learn more about the character in the song, things begin to clarify. Toward the end, Koch adds synths to the chorus that helps create a brighter tone, like a sliver of sunshine coming through the clouds after a storm.

After years of working with a band and collaborating with some of the biggest names in Danish pop, Fingers is Koch’s first album as a solo artist. Available right now, the album brings a variety of instruments to traditional folk music. Lyrically, he explores the nature of humanity and the sometimes absurdity that comes with being alive.

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