Sound&Shape-Disaster Medicine

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve covered international bands in more than half of my posts. It’s about time a quintessentially American rock and roll record to grace this webpage. Nashville’s Sound&Shape released Disaster Medicine a few weeks ago and you can add it to their list of great works that keeps growing. The band has been putting something out every couple of years or so; remaining consistent in their sound and quality songwriting.

Pummeling drums, screaming guitars, and bass licks so filthy you’ll need a shower populate much of Disaster Medicine, as showcased wonderfully on “Sugar the Pill,” posted above. That isn’t the case with all the songs, though. Sound&Shape manage to find ways to mix in pretty melody with their raucous instrumentation. Ryan Caudle’s lead guitar lashes out fast and often, like Indy’s whip in Raiders. Every solo is a moment of excitement in an already-compelling work of art.

The album, which you can buy here, finds influence from a wide range of musicians-everything from The Beatles and Warren Zevon to more modern rock like Queens Of The Stone Age and Foo Fighters (I think I even heard a little Sum 41 in there, perhaps cheekily). If you dig that kind of music, Sound&Shape are definitely worth checking out.

They’ve got a nice slate of tour dates coming up. You can find the full list of shows here.

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