Walcot-It Feels Alright

The weather hasn’t quite turned, and it’s only been a couple days since your mom texted you an “It’s Gonna Be May” meme, but summer really is right around the corner. With all those sunny days and positive vibes coming, we all need to prepare, and that includes adding songs to a new SUMMER 22 playlist. Enter Walcot’s latest single, “It Feels Alright,” which is the third release from their Songs for the Disenfranchised EP.

Walcot originally formed right here in Chicago, but in 2019 Asher George took his songwriting talents to Charlotte. The EP was recorded at I.V. Labs in the windy city, where the rest of the band still reside. George had the songs written long before the pandemic shut the world down, but his words resonate more now than they may have back then. Here on “It Feels Alright” he sings “Though things may not always go your way, you want to live to see another day.”

The music is influenced by late 90’s/early 00’s pop/rock (making a comeback thanks to the use of “Absolutely (Story Of A Girl)” by Nine Days in the film Everything Everywhere All At Once). “It Feels Alright” moves quick, and the three minutes fly by. It’s beachy, fun, driving-down-the-highway-with-the-top-down kind of music that lives up to it’s title.

There’s also a bit of a yacht rock feel going on that I dig. And stay til the end for a really nice epilogue that I hope the producer suggested they cut but they kept anyway.

The EP, which is a precursor to a future full-length of the same name, will be released on June 3rd. You can check out the other tracks below: