Crandelion-Don’t Mind The Merry Go Round

I’m a few weeks behind on Crandelion’s latest single, along with everything else in life, but I’m hoping my words of excitement will earn some forgiveness. In a way, I’m a bit glad that I waited on this one, because it is a summer song without a doubt. It’s got a sunny, California vibe to it that makes repeat listens not just enjoyable, but necessary.

The first thing you’ll notice, or at least the first thing I noticed, was the “Raspberry Beret” chorus. I’m sure there are some who would think badly about an artist using a melody from another song, but honestly it’s a great hook and I think more musicians should use it. All of music is building off of things the artists before you did. Who better to use as a starting point than Prince?

David Miller, the man behind Crandelion, brings a whole lot of sounds to a song that comes in well under three minutes. He starts with some meringue/tropicalia guitars, kicks in 70’s funk-style percussion, and a little bit of what I believe is cow bell. Musically, it’s all over the place but it comes together beautifully. Every piece adds up to create a message of self-love and optimism that we can all use as we slog through the daily grind of life.

“Don’t Mind The Merry Go Round” is Crandelion’s second single. You can catch him opening for BabyJake on tour, as well as playing guitar in BabyJake. To stay up to date, follow Crandelion on Instagram.