The Alright Maybes-Gone

Summer has officially arrived, and with it a new song from Chicago’s The Alright Maybes that you’ll be blasting at every barbecue, beach hang, and late night drive for the next few months. The warmth of the guitars and bouncy shuffle of the drums will bring a smile to your sun-dappled face every time you hear it.

The band have created a beautiful retro sound, straight from the 60’s with a modern twist. Angela Reinhart’s vocals pop in a way you don’t often hear in current music. It’s so out front and crystal clear, providing a point of focus that draws you into the song. I find it very reminiscent of another wonderful Chicago band, Gold Motel.

With a heavy influence from Motown and the shimmering sounds of disco and 70’s AM radio, The Alright Maybes also bring a bit of the early 2000’s guitar dynamic into the fold. It’s an interesting combination of old sounds and new that makes for a very rich listening experience. There’s a fun bit of production at the beginning and throughout that gives the whole thing a, spacey feel right out of an old sci-fi B movie.

“Gone” is the first single from the band since the release of last year’s EP, Always Almost. You can find that here. No word on upcoming events or releases from the band, so for now we will just have to enjoy this offering from Reinhart, Julian Daniell, Luke Ray, and Aidan Epstein.