As an introduction to a new band and their many talents, GroupChat’s debut album works very well. They hit different styles and the seven members all get moments to show off what they can do. As a coherent piece of music that’s easy to digest, it doesn’t work as much. There’s no consistency, which breaks up the flow of the album, which might have benefited from being split into separate releases.

We start with a funky 70’s vibe that fills the mind with visions of roller rinks and Car Wash, but then there’s a total 180 that leads into a hard rock, blazing guitars, screaming vocals track. Both musical styles done well, but it takes you a minute to adjust and the vibe is gone. They do succeed in marrying the two together on “Left On Read,” so I have faith that as they continue on their voice will become more clear.

On this self-titled introduction to the world, they wear their influences on their sleeve. The tunes are full of passion and some great execution, especially some of the guitar work on the heavier songs. Ultimately, the bands musical ability outweighs the minor flaws I picked up on, and after listening a couple times I’m definitely interested in hearing what they do in the future.

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