The Footlight District-Hush

Do you ever get a yearning for loud, gritty 70’s guitar rock? Do you also hate hearing the same five or six Jimmy Page riffs over and over again? Well, you may be in luck because The Footlight District is making music for you. Their latest single, “Hush,” walks a line between that brash sound of Zeppelin and Heart with the sweet harmonies of The Mama’s & The Papa’s.

The song had quite the journey to its eventual release. Originally recorded here in Chicago, the band sent it to Russell Marsden and Enrico Berto to be produced and mixed in England and Italy. Marsden added some guitar to the track and the band collaborated remotely to finish the song. It’s not an unusual way of doing things given the last couple of years, but this is the first in a series of collaborations with this group.

The five members of The Footlight District are siblings: Faith, Hannah, Cecil, Grace Scarbrough and Sarah Scarbrough Evans. It’s always interesting to hear music made by relatives. They have a way of synchronizing that you don’t find in most bands-an innate ability to know what the rest of the band is going to do after spending all of your formative years together. To have that many siblings all be musically talented is incredible, so I’m happy that they all enjoy playing as a band.

I dig what they’ve got going on with “Hush.” A little moreso than their previous single “War Paint.” This one is a bit less in your face while still delivering some great rock moments.

The band is playing Cobra Lounge this Friday, July 22nd. You can find tickets here. If you like what you’ve heard, you can pick up their record, Fairy Tales For The Dark Age, on their Bandcamp page.