Lydmor-LSD Heart

I’ve always been a big fan of musicians getting out of their comfort zone and trying something new. For an artist who has built their career being an electronic artist, I can’t imagine anything further from comfort than pulling the plugs and playing acoustic. That’s exactly what Jenny Rossander did, tossing aside the luxury of hiding behind loops and whirrs in favor of a more vulnerable approach.

Today, Rossander releases “LSD Heart,” under the name Lydmor, the moniker she has played under for over a decade. This is a reworking of a 2019 single. Deconstructed to its bare bones, the song strikes a powerful chord with more focus on the words and how they’re delivered.

In addition to being a singer and songwriter, Lydmor also composes music for film and television. This is apparent straight away, with a compelling, cinematic boom from a piano. The instrument is joined by screams, making it sound like something from a horror film.

I’ve been listening to this one off an on over the past month, and I’m always finding something new. Whether it’s a lyrical gem I hadn’t noticed before, or a flourish of music that sticks in my head for a few days, it’s a very rewarding piece.

“LSD Heart” is just one song from the upcoming album, Nimue, due out later this year. Lydmor has set up a tour around her native country of Denmark that starts today and goes through October. If you find yourself in that part of the world over the next couple of months, seek out a show. You can find a full list of dates on her website here.

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