SONG PREMIERE: Curious Grace & Black Rabbit-Taylor’s Hill

When I hear Celtic rock music, my brain immediately assumes that it’s a modern take on an old traditional song. The melodies are so rich, and the tales so legendary, that I forget there are bands making new Celtic music every day. So when I heard “Taylor’s Hill” for the first time, my brain went to the same place. Of course, it didn’t take long to get passed that initial reaction.

Once the voice of Tom Erangey came screaming through, it was obvious that this song belongs to no one else but Curious Grace & Black Rabbit. The tune features a lot of the traditional Celtic instruments you’ll be familiar with (like the brilliant tin whistle playing by Mary Erangey), but there’s something quite different about the way it sounds. It bares a resemblance to Pink Floyd in the depth and delivery.

The band keep the energy at a ridiculous level for the entirety of the song. John Hickey comes in around the two-minute mark with a blazing guitar solo that sets up the most emphatic round of the chorus that brings this sonic journey to an end.

There’s something about this style of music that always feels very cathartic. You can dance to it, you can rage to it, you can yell your lungs out if you want. It’s always fun and exciting, and “Taylor’s Hill” is no exception. Officially releasing tomorrow, this is the band’s third single of 2022. No word on a new album, but I imagine they are working diligently on new music.