Young Jesus-Rose Eater

Since 2012, I’ve stayed up with whatever Young Jesus has had going on. In 2020, their album Welcome To Conceptual Beach ended up in my favorite 25 releases of the year. Always something new and different when John Rossiter is involved, and the new single “Rose Eater” is no different.

Taken from the upcoming album Shepherd Head, out September 16th on Saddle Creek, this single takes a look at how we overcome our flaws and make healthy decisions even if it takes a while to figure it out. The dynamics are great, with a solitary piano and voice track eventually joined by a backline to turn it into a pop ballad.

The video is a beautiful little meditation that captures the atmosphere of the song really well. Made to look like old home recordings. The song is the star, but the visuals give the emotion of the piece a nice bump.

I don’t think we here in Chicago can claim Young Jesus anymore, as Rossiter has been in LA for quite some time. But, we still hope everyone goes out and buys the new record, which you can pre-order here.

The band will start the support tour on September 25th in Vancouver. Check out their website for all dates.