photo by Ingrid Renan

MAITA-Where Do You Go?

It’s been over six months since MAITA released her latest album, I Just Want To Be Wild For You. The chance to see her perform in Chicago in support of the record is finally over, as she will be opening for Weakened Friends (a bill with two Portland bands from different states!!!) at Subterranean on September 25th. It’s a small space, so be sure to get your tickets now!

I chose to share this song in particular because I think the video is great-creative, fun, DIY vibes, and because it features one of my favorite lines I’ve heard in a while:

I dream that you betray me once a month/I hold your resting hand while I play it back/ It isn’t that I wish to be unfurled/ I think I just want to burn/ I think I just want to burn

MAITA is the stage name of Maria Maita-Keppeler, whose songwriting is influenced by everything from Aimee Mann to Elliot Smith. She finds her own voice in turning the tempo and volume up a bit, conjuring a sound akin to a punky Laura Viers-something I never would have thought of, but enjoy quite a bit.

If you head over to Bandcamp to buy MAITA’s album, you can also find a delightful cover of My Chemical Romance’s “Helena.”