Kenia OS-Todo My Love

Despite not garnering any Latin Grammy nominations in today’s announcement, it feels like the right time to talk about Kenia Os. I just discovered the Mexican singer myself, when my friends at Guerrera PR announced she was coming on as a new client.

A smart move for a musician/YouTuber/entrepreneur looking to grow her brand. Normally I would skip something like this, but it got me thinking about where we are with celebrity and the ambition to be famous. I generally think of that as a very American thing, but it’s a global phenomenon.

Here’s an artist who has her own clothing and makeup line, wildly devoted fans, and a musical ability on par with contemporaries like Rosalía or the G’s, Becky and Karol. I’m not gonna say that she’ll be able to cross over into the mainstream like the others, but it’s possible she could be the next big thing.

Kenia has only been releasing music for a few years, and already has a following of almost 4 million monthly listeners on Spotify. That number pales in comparison to her social media following, which is over 40 million across all platforms. “Todo My Love” came out a month or so ago and already has over 6 million views.

I’ve been wondering a lot about how life would be different if some of our celebrities here in the States had any sort of talent other than being born rich. Maybe Kenia OS has rich parents, too. But at least she can sing.

Her debut album, Cambios de Luna, came out back in March. She’s got a couple big shows lined up for October and November. Follow her on Instagram to get all the details.

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