Looney Gloomers-Muscles

A little bit of Bowie, a little bit of Krautrock, and a whole lot of 80’s synth records make the foundation for Looney Gloomers latest single, “Muscles.” The fresh four-piece spent a scant 20 days writing and recording their new album providing a feel of spontaneity and urgency to the tracks.

They’ve said the want to make music that feels like a book. Specifically Steinbeck’s “The Grapes Of Wrath,” wherein you can find the deepest sorrow, but also a great feeling of hope. On “Muscles,” it’s a heartbreak that allows for the sorrow, and the ability to move on delivering the great hope of a better tomorrow. Unfortunately, Henry Fonda was unavailable for the music video. Looney Gloomers resident actor Jacob Utzon Krefeld starred in their clip for “Night Time,” but sadly they have not made an official video for this one yet.

The band’s previous album, 2021’s House Of Dying Days, is streaming on Spotify if you care to check it out.

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