Nice Motor-Superior Street Sessions

One great benefit of playing music in a big city like Chicago is that if you’re in a band that decides to call it quits, chances are there’s another band you can join. As longtime stalwarts of the Chicago music scene, this was evident to the members of Nice Motor. As Johnny Rumble, The Lifeline, and Super Happy Fun Club closed the doors on their run, the window to form Nice Motor was opened.

Since coming together in 2014, the band has been in no rush to flood the market with their music. In 2016 they released an EP, in 2019 a full-length, and just last month the follow-up to that LP, Superior Street Sessions. In taking their time, they’ve been able to cultivate the sound they want, and not settle for anything less. These ten songs are cohesive and clear, providing an easy and enjoyable experience for the listener.

These guys are my age, or maybe a touch older, and it is obvious that we listened to a lot of the same music as youngsters. They have a lot of late 70’s early 80’s rock influence that continues all the way up through 90’s grunge and the cleaner “modern rock” of the early 2000’s. Really everything from Bowie to Muse, Def Leppard to The Black Keys, The Cars to The Strokes-it’s all there in little bits that you can hear and then they’re quickly on to something else.

You can hear the whole album on Nice Motor’s Bandcamp page, where you can also purchase Superior Street Sessions for the low, low price of $7. Keep up with them by following them on Instagram. Or you can check out their website and get all the stuff on one page.