No Project One-Connected

It used to be every year we hear some prestigious music critic loudly proclaim that rock music is dead. It was happening consistently for about forty years, and yet rock n roll persists. Well, I’m here to tell you nice and early in 2023 that rock ain’t goin’ nowhere. Not so long as bands like No Project One are here to keep it alive.

The latest Danish band I’ve been introduced to came together last year after both members were ready to move forward with the skills and knowledge learned while playing with other groups. Jesper and Jakob, long-time friends, brought their talents into a new project knowing what they didn’t want to do and more than willing to explore the endless possibilities their artistic freedom allows.

The result, with “Connected,” is an unusual yet familiar alt-rock odyssey with propulsive guitars and vocals unlike anything else out there right now. It’s an interesting sound, and one that brings you back for repeat listens.

You can pick up the track on their Bandcamp or stream it on Spotify.