Pete Droge-Fading Fast

It’s been a couple of years since Pete Droge has put out a new single, but it certainly hasn’t been that long since I’ve listened to his music. I find myself every now and again getting a tune of his stuck in my head. Most famously, he appeared on the Dumb & Dumber soundtrack with “If You Don’t Love Me (I’ll Kill Myself),” and in Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous performing “Small Time Blues” in a hotel room (Led Zeppelin was not there), but he has many, many other songs in his discography that I love to listen to over and over again.

I got a little note this morning from Bandcamp that a new song was available, and this being a Bandcamp Friday, I had to go check it out. He’s posted it for a dollar (or more, if you wish), so naturally I bought it right away. “Fading Fast” is a mellow folk number about trying to appreciate the fleeting moments of joy as they pass through our lives.

I wrote a post a number of years ago about the unheralded talent Droge possesses. It drips off of every lyric like an infinitely melting ice cream cone. I started listening in 1995, after seeing him open the first concert I ever attended (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Dogs With Wings tour, March 3 at the Joyce Center), and I continue to be blown away by his ability to turn a phrase.

“Fading Fast” is just another in a long list of masterful song craft. If you haven’t taken a listen before, both Necktie Second and Find A Door are on Spotify, and woo buddy those are some tasty records

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