Dreamers-Don’t Go Dark (feat. Irontom)

The only time I saw Dreamers perform live I was very impressed with them. It wasn’t an ideal situation, as many of the ticket buyers had come down from Hamilton, ON to see Arkells perform as the opening act. When Arkells finished, most of the audience left. Dreamers didn’t let the dwindling crowd phase them, and delivered a blistering set.

I haven’t spent much time listening to them since then, but I’ll never forget the way they rolled with it and put on a great show anyway. Somehow that was seven years ago already, and it seems like Dreamers have continued to grow. This single they just put out with Irontom isn’t anything like the songs they played back then.

I really dig the industrial dance vibe they play with on the track. There’s a cool guitar that’s really only hinted at while the synths create most of the sound. The collaboration between these two bands makes a lot of sense and you can hear how their strengths compliment one another.