Your Hands-Down Here Waiting

I’m in the middle of moving from a studio apartment to a two-bedroom condo, so I missed posting when this song came out last week. Your Hands, the nom de plume for Danish singer/songwriter Johannes Brandstrup, just started releasing music last year. He already has a clear vision for his sound, which is referred to as “classic pop.”

And classic it is. When I first heard “Down Here Waiting,” I instantly had a picture of Michael McDonald in my head. The song is smooth, laid back, and very pleasing to the ear. It’s also very relatable for anyone who gets annoyed when a friend keeps them waiting alone.

The thoughts that go through your head as passers-by see you sitting/standing there by yourself like a loser while you pretend to be looking something up on your phone. For me, they almost instantly go dark. I’m glad Johannes has set this moment of minutiae to song to let me know it isn’t just me.

I don’t know what the future holds for Your Hands, but you can follow him on Instagram to keep up with any news. His previous single, “Floating,” is also available to stream.

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