Kenia OS-House of Blues 3/15/23

I got to House of Blues just a few minutes after doors opened for up-and-coming Mexican singer Kenia OS’s first show in Chicago. The line to get in, which I opted to skip after picking up my photo pass, went around the building, down the block, and past the river. The longest line I’ve ever seen for a show there.

I’ve only recently learned about her music, but she’s already amassed a large following. She started out as a YouTuber, and like a lot of young pop stars, she’s very much an entrepreneur. She’s a big influencer in the beauty world already, so she’ll have that to fall back on if her music career slows down.

If last nights performance is any indication, she won’t have to worry about coming down any time soon. The sold out crowd was riotous from entry to exit, much like the crowds for Harry Styles when he came through Chicago last year. Kenia OS and her wonderful dancers put on a fantastic show that displayed not only her talent as a performer but her ability to bring a concept to fruition.

Her last album, K23, is a futuristic sci-fi pop piece. The outfits and choreography brought it all to the stage in a way that made sense for the audience. Without any video backdrop pushing the narrative along, they were able to tell the story she wanted. They also delivered fierce performances for the songs from her first album, Cambios de Luna.

The show featured certified bangers like “Malas Decisiones,” “Llévatelo,” and “Good Boy.” They flowed together to create a massive party that all could enjoy. If you’re planning to see her live, be sure to wear your dancing shoes because you won’t be able to help yourself.

The K23 tour has a few more shows in March, and then Kenia OS will be back for a handful more in May. You can find all the dates here.