Cosmic Bull-Hangin’ In The I.P.

It doesn’t take long for Cosmic Bull’s new record, Hangin’ in the I.P., to find its groove and pull you in. Mark Vickery’s vocals dive in and swim around your head, sounding like a more upbeat Mark Lanegan. Vickery has been making music in Chicago for about 30 years in various bands and solo projects, with Cosmic Bull being the latest. He kicked out a handful of singles and an EP last year. The songs found in this new collection are collaborations with Paul Von Mertens of Poi Dog Pondering.

It’s only six songs, and they truly fly by with the longest at only 4:39. Absolutely no filler to be found here, as the songs are filled with beautiful string arrangements and horns that elevate what would already be great material. The influences are everywhere from 70’s AM radio folk to more contemporary rock and classic soul.

With so many years of experience between them, it’s no wonder Vickery and Von Mertens are able to put out such a consistently solid record. Top to bottom they deliver quality songwriting and performance that deserves to be heard by a wide audience.

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