Kicking Bird-Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The day we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! To be more accurate, the day you’ve been waiting for has arrived. I’ve been listening to Kicking Bird’s debut LP for so long I kinda forgot that it wasn’t actually out yet. It was five long moths ago that I premiered the first single off the album, “Lauren,” and I received my vinyl copy of Original Motion Picture Soundtrack about a month ago (one of the joys of pre-ordering is you may get an early surprise!).

The album is a beautiful piece of surf rock meets indie pop with allusions to the greats like Springsteen and McCartney mixed in to add a hint of familiarity to this musical introduction. Kicking Bird fills their music with relatable themes like alienation and disconnectedness, love both unrequited and lost, and the need for some kind of support to make it through this world.

“Lauren” pops up early on the album, but a couple of my other favorites fall back to back in the middle. “Stuck” has an amazing energy, with a guitar riff that absolutely rips. Eventually it turns into a screaming solo that is a certified face-melter.

“Impermanent Assistant” goes in a different direction, with a more staccato beat that allows the vocal to come into focus a bit more. The band still finds a way to fit a nice guitar solo in here, but it isn’t the main draw. As if the title wasn’t enough of a nod to Paul, the song ends with some wonderful la-la-la’s that would fit perfectly on a Wings album.

If you find any of this compelling, I urge you to go check out the full album. You can find it on Bandcamp or any of the other DSPs.