Marci-KITY (Keep It To Yourself)

Since moving into a condo and taking on a mortgage, cooking at home has become a more regular thing. A great thing about cooking at home is that it almost always ends up turning into a mid-evening dance party. Lately, TOPS has been an almost daily kitchen-dance-floor contributor. So, it’s been great to have some new music from Marta Cikojevic’s solo project, Marci.

The new song, “KITY,” came out a week ago. The sounds are a blend of yacht rock and dance pop that combine to create a perfect summer vibe. Cikojevic’s vocals bounce from breathy to full-bodied with ease, and really shows off her talents as a singer.

The video they made for the song is also a lot of fun. I love the concept with the elevators mirroring the ups and downs of relationships.

“KITY” is the first single for Marci, following her debut album that came out last year. Hopefully, we will be hearing more from her soon and she’ll get out on the road for some shows.