eee gee-ghost house

A couple of years ago I double-dipped and posted two singles from eee gee about a month apart. I hate to do that normally, but the music was too good to keep to myself. She put out her debut album, Winning, last year. Her second, SHE-REX, is coming out September 1st. “ghost house,” the latest single, offers a little glimpse of what’s to come at the end of summer.

Emma Grankvist, the force behind eee gee, considers the emptiness of online dating with the song. It’s a fun, shimmery synth-pop take on yacht rock, perfect for a barbecue or checking out the waves at the beach. It also has a little Bossa nova vibe in the verses, where the bass and drum find a new groove and makes for a really cool change that grabs your ear coming in and out of the chorus.

The video, by Nicolai Bruun, is beautifully animated. It captures the bright hues that color a blossoming love story, but also the dark shadows of anxiety that come with meeting someone new.

If you dig the song, you can pre-order the vinyl (signed copy!) here. And if you’re interested in following eee gee on her musical journey, check out her Instagram.