HAHA-Only Gets Better

There’s something I like about the boldness of a debut single called “Only Gets Better.” Of course, when you’ve been playing for decades like Maria Taylor and Mike Bloom, the debut of a new band is old hat. Still, to introduce yourself with that title seems like a promise. And I, for one, believe that they’re going to hold up their end of this deal.

As a longtime fan of both of these artists, it’s a great thrill to hear them combine their talents. If you’re only familiar with Taylor from her work in Azure Ray, the brazen pop sound of HAHA might surprise you. The song moves along like a scenic train ride through a beautiful landscape. There’s time to enjoy the views, but it never lingers for long before going to the next thing.

“Only Gets Better” is about living in the present, with an eye toward the future. Hopefully the near future brings us more music from these two friends. For now, this single is available from Taylor’s Flower Moon Records on Bandcamp.