Procrastinator’s Guide To Pitchfork 2023

I apologize to the programmers of Pitchfork, and every music festival, but I am not showing up early. It’s a struggle just to get out of bed in the morning. Then I have to do all the stuff that past me decided could wait until tomorrow, stupid past me. It’s gonna be a good three to four hours from the time I wake up before I can even think about getting ready to leave for the day. Fortunately, the people working on this festival put some good stuff early in the day that should motivate me to head out as soon as possible.

On Friday afternoon, Sen Morimoto hits the big Green Stage at 2:30pm. That will give me enough time to finish up at home and not rush down to Union Park (although, taking two trains I can really only rush so much anyway). Grace Ives plays next door at the Red Stage right after, which is fantastic because I can just turn my head and save the rest of my body’s energy for when I need to walk over and get some Cevapcici.

If you’re feeling like a party, check out Axel Boman on the Blue Stage. But, if you’re a bit more introspective your best bet is Youth Lagoon back on the Green Stage. After that you’re on your own for a while. I’m going to use this time to check out the Backstage Dashpass area, where Alvvays and Jonny Greenwood will be interviewed before they both take the stage later in the evening.

After that, it’s the final break before Perfume Genius (Green), Ric Wilson (Blue), Alvvays (Red), and The Smile (Green) close out the night.

For me, personally, and I’m not saying anyone else should feel this way…Saturday is the weakest of the three. I have tickets to see Barbie in the morning, and then I’m going to go home for a while, edit some photos, eat a late lunch, and then start slowly making my way down to Union Park. The thing is, there are a couple acts on Saturday that I really want to see.

I’ve never seen Julia Jacklin live, and I really enjoyed her last album. She’s on the Blue Stage at 5:15, the same time Snail Mail is playing the Red Stage. Yaya Bey follows Jacklin, and I just spent a long train ride checking out some of her music. It’s very good, so I imagine that’s where you would find me around 6:30. Also, the Cevapcici stand is right by the Blue Stage.

Short tangent here, but Cevapcici has been consistenly my favorite food at Pitchfork the last few fests. They don’t have a stand-alone restaurant, just pop-ups at events. So this is really my only opportunity to know for sure that I can get it. If you’re interested, it’s a Balkan grilled sausage dish, and it is delicious. Last year I did a chicken apple sausage, so I think this year I will go with something more traditional. End tangent.

Weyes Blood plays the Red Stage at 7:25, and then Big Thief headlines the Green Stage starting at 8:30. Not a great deal of choices, but in a way, that makes it easy and takes the stress of making decisions melt away like tears in the rain.

Sunday, it may surprise you, is the strongest day with tons of great music to be witnessed. I’m planning to make it semi-early, for a Sunday, and catch Jockstrap at 3:20 on the Red Stage. Keep in mind the Red Stage is the closest to the entrance, so you can literally skate in about 3:15 and still get a spot to watch them perform. I Love You Jennifer B got a decent amount of love last year, but I think it deserved quite a bit more.

That kicks off a lineup that is fairly jampacked the rest of the day. JPEGMafia at 4:15 (Green), Killer Mike at 5:15 (Red), Hurray For The Riff Raff at 6:30 (Blue), Kelela at 7:25 (Red), and Mdou Moctar at 7:45 (Blue). Of course, Bon Iver brings the weekend to a close on the Green Stage. Hoping he plays “Skinny Love” early in the set so that I can head home and take care of all the stuff I put off over the weekend.

It should be a fun one! Stay safe and dry and cool, or warm depending on the weather. Fingers crossed that mother nature takes a few days off and lets us enjoy just plain old summertime sunny skies.