Jonny Strykes-All The Way Home/Gimme A Sign

A month or so ago I got my first listen to the music of Jonny Strykes with two songs that provided a little taste of his talents, but left me wanting more. Fortunately, he has followed those tracks with two tracks that feel more confident and sharp. These tunes that make up his latest double single slide right into my wheelhouse of synth pop and funky disco.

Strykes’ vocals have a nice low hum to them on “All The Way Home,” that ride the rhythm of the drums and are met with a sweet backing vocal that provides a great complementary sound. It’s high on 80’s vibes ensconced in the sweat of a late-night dancehall. After a dozen listens I’m still discovering new sounds and textures.

On “Gimme A Sign” he puts his range on display, singing in a higher register to float above the sparkly keys and bass line. The production feels like a love letter to some of those classic pop/dance hits from the likes of Paula Abdul and New Kids On The Block. Strykes has the right stuff for that type of music, and this song sounds like a perfect update to that early 90’s style.

Jonny Strykes is on a good roll of releasing new music, so I expect we will be hearing from him again in the not-too-distant future. For now, we can enjoy this synth-soaked summer symphony he’s delivered with these two songs. If you dig them, be sure to follow on social media to stay up to date with all the latest music.